Launching of International Maritime Academy

The International Maritime Academy of Lebanon (IMA) held its official opening ceremony, marking the beginning of a new era for the Lebanese maritime culture, and the carving of a niche in the country’s suffering market The inauguration was attended by many invited guests, public officials, company executives and personnel, in addition to members of the local media. 

IMA is the first academy accredited in the MENA region, offering high-level courses and professional trainings, supported by cutting edge simulation technology. The academy aims to enhance the maritime culture and the Great Sea image in Lebanon, embedded in the Lebanese people through their Phoenician ancestry, with a clear mission to support the vocational tourism and to enlarge the career spectrum on local and international scale, in a country suffering with a high level of unemployment. IMA strongly believes it is vital to ensure the safety and control overseas, and that is why it is keen on empowering its qualified students and personnel, with internationally accredited professionalism and expertise.