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Course Description

Ordinary Seaman program is the introduction program for individuals with no prior experience looking to start their career in the shipping industry. OS is a prerequisite for any deck rating.

Course duration: 17 days

Course Description

is designed in order to obtain a specialised electrical certificate.

Course duration: 35 days

Course Description

commonly known as oiler is customized for unexperienced candidates willing to acquire engineering knowledge.

Holding a welder or fitter certificate is a real plus if student is interested in this program.

course duration: 19 days

Course Description

ordinary seaman certificate beholders with 1 year of experience logged on their record book seeking to upgrade their certificate.

Course duration: 19 days

Course Description

STCW is a mandatory course for any individual seeking to work on board a vessel. it is consisted of five certificates.

Basic fire fighting

Elementary first aid

personal safety and social responsibility

Personal survival techniques

Security awareness

Course duration: 9 days

Course Description

for all seafarers, which behold a degree in Mechanical Technical Rating and have 1 year of logged sea experience ready to upgrade their certificate.

The second level of certification is the rating forming part of engine room watch certificate.

course duration: 19 days