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The International Maritime Academy of Lebanon is the first academy in the MENA region to be fully accredited by the International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA) and the American Sailing Association (ASA), offering high leveled seamanship courses and professional training, while supported with cutting-edge simulator technology. Our accreditation from the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport gives us huge momentum as training leaders in the maritime industry. Read more

"We pride ourselves
in our Phoenician legacy"

The ‘Phoenicians’ sailed far beyond the Mediterranean’s safe limits; from the ‘Pillars’ of ‘Hercules’ to the Atlantic ocean, driven by their desire for trade. They were credited with many important nautical inventions and firmly established a reputation as the greatest mariners in the ancient world.  
Using its ‘Phoenician Heritage’, the International Maritime Academy wishes to bring back the sailing culture to its shores, and to reinitiate the love for the open seas and its unlimited opportunities..

The International Maritime Academy works in partnership with ‘ISSA’, the International Sailing Schools Association. The ‘ISSA’ aims to provide opportunities worldwide for people who dream of learning how to sail, or to start a sailing career. Accredited by ‘ISSA’, the International Maritime Academy offers its graduates international opportunities and makes them eligible to work anywhere in the world within the Maritime industry.

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Touma Center, 7th Flr.
Sarba; Facing “Notre Dame Hospital”
Jounieh – Lebanon

Lat 33° 58’ 54’’ N // Long 35° 37’ 40” E
+961 (9) 635 356

+961 (3) 745 697


Working Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
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We are always looking for skilled and professional people to join our team, if you think you have the qualities and capabilities to be part of the International Maritime Academy family, please send your CV to us on hr@imaritimeacademy.com.