Interior Crew



The International Maritime Academy offers programs to meet all levels of training, including courses for the intermediate and the advanced steward/ess.


For this demanding career on mega yachts, the students learn etiquettes, housekeeping, customer service and many others; all, under the umbrella of safety and security standards. This gives cadets who like to explore the world, a chance to land a job on a super yacht so they can enjoy seeing the world while working.


There is a clear career path for interior crew, which allows students to progress from junior steward/ess to managerial positions with the right qualifications and training. We begin with junior steward/ess, senior steward/ess and then Yacht’s chief steward/ess.


This course will provide the candidate with multiple skills and the professional knowledge for a role on board as a steward/ess.


STEWARDESS – 2nd and 3rd
Job Function: A second or a third steward(ess) will carry out his or her duties and responsibilities under the direction and authority of the Chief Steward(ess), and the Captain. Individuals holding such a position, are responsible for assisting with the maintenance of the interior of the vessel, providing superior hospitable service in line with the owner and the guests’ expectations.


Job Function: The Chief Steward(ess) will carry out his or her duties and responsibilities under the direction and authority of the Captain. As the person ultimately responsible for the interior of the vessel and for providing superior hospitality service to meet the owner and guests’ expectations, the Chief Steward(ess) will also train and manage any lower-ranking steward(ess). Excellent service and managerial skills are a necessity for such a role, while a hospitality degree is appreciated.


The Chief Cook
This is the highest level in the hierarchy of ship galley jobs. The ‘’Chief Cook’’ is the person in charge of the galley as a whole. He is also known as the ‘’Executive Cook’’. It is the ‘’Chief Cooks’’’ responsibility to check the menus and assign duties to other professionals working in the galley.
Course Objectives
This course is designed to enable qualified and experienced land-based chefs to be certified for an onboard role. It teaches the necessary skills for a transition into becoming a confident, competent and qualified superyacht ‘Chef’, and to learn the basic required seamanship skills.

This designed course, plus the 6 days of ‘STCW’ – 2010; (Basic Safety Training Courses), will give the cadet the qualifications needed to use his cooking qualifications aboard a superyacht, a cruise ship or a commercial vessel.


  1. Candidates must be present throughout the course.
  2. Candidates must hold a valid medical certificate for seafarers.
  3. Valid certification requirements:
    • Cook’s Certificate of Competency or Ship’s Cook (part 1) and (part 2)
    • Food Hygiene
    • ‘STCW’ – 2010 – (Basic Safety Training Courses)

Course Outcome
Upon completion of their training, delegates attending this course will be qualified to assume the duties as a ‘’Chief Cook’’ on a yacht, or a vessel’s galley.
The ‘’Chef’’ is expected to act as the source of the entire crew’s state of culinary satisfaction and contentedness, besides the owner and his guests.
Course Content
The candidate will learn many subjects including, advanced galley management, hygiene, rubbish disposal, guest service policies, loading and storage of material, International cuisine, menu planning, dietary provisions, cultural issues, allergies from food. These among others, related to seamanship such as using the ‘VHF’, piloting a small rib and others.