Yacht Management
Since yachts have varying degrees of complexity according to their size and equipment installed, it is important that they are professionally serviced and maintained. This is a key issue to preserving the value of your asset.
Good management and maintenance is the key to stress-free yachting. We, at the ‘International Maritime Academy’, have the resources, connections, ability and experienced teams to make this job easy. We will take care of everything so you can concentrate on enjoying your life onboard.
Our services include support in:

  • Accounting and reporting
  • Crew administration and management
  • Crew placement and training
  • Yacht transport
  • General administration
  • ‘F & B’ supply management
  • Safety audits
  • Auditing technicians on the assigned duties
  • Following up on spare parts and benchmarking prices
  • Documentation and registration
  • Insurance issues
  • Technical management (maintenance)
  • Winterization
  • General operational management

Mile Building
We organize a number of ‘Mile Building’ days and weekends throughout the year for individuals or groups. Whether you are looking to build miles, gain experience, or simply enjoy some time on the water, we offer a range of affordable packages.
Besides professional skippers on our new boats, we provide you full safety equipment, food and beverage and easy communication with land.
We can advise on all aspects of boating, from guiding you through what type of boat you want, how to go about the initial purchase, guidance on equipping it for sea, general safety matters, or even passage and mooring advice. We provide transparent consultancy services for everything related to your boat or yacht.
We can prepare and deliver your boat or yacht to the location of your vacation, or from any place to your marina; this service, includes all measures taken to ensure the safe delivery of the yacht, a post-delivery check, and a detailed report on arrival.
Our Yacht rental division offers a large selection of motorboats for all tastes; small motorboats and RIBs for day trippers, medium sized motorboats and elegant motor yachts for those looking for comfort, space, and a little luxury.
Our professional and experienced team of sailors will make your vacation luxurious and safe unlike any other sea trip, whether you just want to cruise, watch the sunset from your yacht deck or even try fishing.