Boat Master

Time Table

Table of Content Hours

Basic Safety Training STCW

31 hrs

Basic of Boat Handling ,Ropes

18 hrs

Safety at Sea

Types of Hulls, Parts of a Boat, Dimensions

Propulsion, Launching And Recovering,

Docking & Undocking & Types of berths

Compass & Magnetism, North’s, Magnetic Variation, Deviation & Correction

Nautical Charts, Chart Symbols & Chart Datum, Latitude & Longitude ,Instruments & workshop

Electronic Navigational Aids

Colreg Rules of the Road

MOB Procedure

Meteorology, Weather Forecast, Coriolis Effect, Wind, Visibility & Sea State , Clouds

Maritime English

6 hrs

Navigational Chart workshop

3 hrs

Rope practical session

3 hrs


6 hrs